The BEST Slacks for Petite & Curvy Women

If you’re short, you know my pain when it comes to dress slacks.  If you’re short AND curvy well then you DEFINITELY know my pain.  I think I just found the BEST and seriously inexpensive dress slacks I have ever owned in my 37 years of existence.

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Now let me tell you about true love!  It’s these babies right here (don’t mind the tank, left off the shirt so you could see I wasn’t full of shit, LOL).  Say hello to  “Lee’s Women’s Petite Modern Series Curvy Fit Maxwell Trouser” which comes in a variety of colors (I got 4 different ones) and will run you $28-$35 (depends on color).

I only used to buy my pants from Ann Taylor and the Limited, so believe me I was skeptical.  But these are the real deal and for a fraction of the price!

BEST Petite Slacks for Short CURVY Women |

The WORST is having to by pants 2 sizes bigger so they fit in my hips because those are 12 and and my waist is a 10.  Then I got this HUGE ass gap between my back and the slacks and if I don’t wear a belt, well them my whale tail is showing.  Really sucks!  WELL NOT ANYMORE! Check it out – NO GAP!! I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend these pants!

BEST Petite Slacks for Short CURVY Women - No Gap Waistband |

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