Happy Monday! Let’s Make it Count! 

I hope everyone had a great and productive weekend! One of the things I often struggle with is Negativity and it has not only affected me greatly but it’s affected my family as well. One of the things my fiancé has challenged me with is becoming more positive. I know I’m one of many who struggle with this and it’s draining, but the best part is, it doesn’t have to be! So let’s start small…

This week I am challenging all of you (including myself) to smile more, be kind, and do something nice for others. When I say all that, I don’t mean go and buy something (I mean you can, but that’s not it) for someone or suddenly start feeding all the homelesss. It’s REALLY SIMPLE – It could be a simple eye contact, Smile, and saying “Good Morning” while passing a total stranger. Something as simple as telling the woman in line next to you at the grocery store that you like her shoes.

PAY ATTENTION to those around you and help someone in need. Whether it be holding the door for the mom with 5 bags, 3 kids, and a mega stroller or an elderly person. Recognize someone else by saying PLEASE and THANK YOU! Let someone in when driving and Waive your hand when someone lets you in. Say thank you when someone holds the door open for you. Simple!

I challenge all of you to do these things REGARDLESS of other do not. Just DO THEM and be GENUINE! All of us are going through something, unfortunately, some have much worse than others. For that very reason we need to be kind to one another! Another important thing to know is when you are kind and nice, it makes you feel good. I’m not kidding – it makes you feel warm in your heart.

Start by doing this and please leave me comments of something you did and how it made you feel. I can’t wait to hear from each of you!

About Joye

Hey there! Thank you for stopping by. I am Joye and am the owner and founder of Roads to Joye. I’m an aspiring blogger who is challenged daily by ADHD. I have both the inattentive and the hyperactive impulsive types – hence the Scatterbrained Woman I’ve coined myself! I’ve been on quite the adventure these past couple of years and am hoping to share my life experiences with all of you in hopes of showing all of you that even with this hot mess of scatterbrain, life can be made easier (especially those like me), productive, and definitely more fun!

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