Cheap Tips & Tricks to Organize Your Closet

I finally decided after 2 years of having a love/hate relationship with my closet, it was time to finally take charge.  So with the help of IKEA along with a healthy dose of deep breaths and the reward of a bottle of wine at the end, I set out to win the battle.

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When I bought my house, I didn’t really pay attention to the “functionality” of the storage options or the lack there of. I was too enamored with all the other things I was getting that I never had, such as 2500 sq ft and granite counter tops.  It never really occurred to me to check the closets because truthfully, anything I was getting would be bigger than anything I have ever had.  Additionally, it’s important to note that I gave my mother the master suite and took the in-law suite upstairs.  Her closet has functionality, the in-law suite, while its a walk-in, its really small.

My closet completely lacked organization and needed to be overhauled.  Closet organizers can also get quite expensive.  I had a very small budget to work with and but I was desperate to have some organization to the chaos that goes on in my everyday life.

So here is our closet before, God I am SO embarrassed. Yup – Sh*t EVERYWHERE! The Good news is I know I am not the only person in the world that has this problem.

Closet Make Over for Under $100 - BEFORE |


Here’s the finished product.


Closet Make Over for Under $100 - AFTER - Front to Back | roadstojoye.comCloset Make Over for Under $100 - AFTER - Back to Front |

With the help of the KALLAX Series from IKEA we were able to get organized.  I made sure to measure and measure again and MEASURE AGAIN. Then I went to the computer and looked up the pieces I wanted and compared those dimensions with the dimension of our closet and what I had to work with.

We purchased the KALLAX Single Shelf Unit:


Closet Makeover for Under $100 - KALLAX Single Shelf |

We also purchased the KALLAX Half Shelf Unit.  And I added (2) 4-Packs SKUBB Shoe Box System for my sneakers.


Closet Makeover for Under $100 - KALLAX Half Shelf |

I needed to organize my flip flops, so I added (1) 2-Pack TJENA Magazine File .


Closet Makeover for Under $100 - TENJA Magazine Holder |

One item that is not shown, is the SALLSKAP RACK with 5 Hooks for $4.99 and I used to put all of Danny’s ties, belts, and scarves on.

It also occured to me during this journey that I might have an adiction to ALDO Shoes…… LOL!  Happy Pinning!






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