7 Must Have’s When Starting a Walk/Run Program

Last weekend I completed my very first ever Avon39, that’s me in the picture coming across the finish line.  I spent a great deal of time preparing for it both physically and financially.  With any new en-devour, there’s always going to be something you’re going to spend money on.  You’re probably wondering , what did she spend money on? Wellllll I bought a lot of stuff over the past 5 months!  LOL!  Too much stuff!  Some of it proved to be quite useful and a lot of it wound up in the garage sale pile. It’s important to note that this post contains affiliate links. That means I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if  you subscribe or purchase something through the links provided. You will never see me post a link to product or service that I don’t use myself or truly love! 

When buying “tools” to help you exercise, its extremely important to know – You get what you pay for and cheaper is definitely not better! Some of the products I am going to list are definitely NOT cheap, but they proved to be the most useful to me.  I started off on the cheap side because I wasn’t sure if I was going to stick with it.  That wishy washy way of thinking is immediately setting myself up for failure right out of the gates.  When we make the decision to get fit and healthy, we are making an INVESTMENT in ourselves.  Additionally, I bought all that cheap stuff only to turn around and buy the expensive items later so I spent more money than I should have. Moral of this story is “You’re worth the investment, so spend the damn money!” 

Shoes is usually the first and ONLY thing we tend to buy when we decide to start walking/running but there are other things we need as well.  Taking care of your body is a MUST, regardless if you’re walking or running 1 mile, 39 miles, or 100 miles.  I cannot stress this enough! I learned that the hard way!  And it really hurt! 

  1.  Something for your feet – Of course, first thing I bought was SNEAKERS.  I found the  BEST SNEAKERS EVER! made by Under Armour.  What I loved best about them, is they are soft pliable fabric, not leather!  They don’t push down on the tops of your toes (for those with toenail issues on their big toe, this is a godsend) they are also flexible, meaning they can expand to fit your foot AND they also are extremely light.  This is BY FAR the best pair of sneakers I have ever owned.  Make sure if you buy them for walking/running to go a size larger!
  2. Something you wouldn’t normally think of but makes a HUGE difference, SOCKS. Socks are SO important.  There’s a saying “Cotton = Rotten” and its TRUE! I am VERY prone to blisters and I get them BAD!  I googled best socks for running and this was a featured pair.  I have to say these are the BEST SOCKS EVER.  While most women had horrible blisters from walking 39 miles, I had none!  NOT ONE!  These socks are AMAZING and so worth the money!  They supported my feet, kept them cool and DRY!  They also didn’t move so there was no friction against my skin to cause a blister.  I normally get a blister any time I walk.  These socks are WELL WORTH it!
  3. Something for your skin –  SUNSCREEN is another item that is SO important and overlooked by many. I am extremely fair skinned, so I look at the sun and get burned.  LOL.  True story! I hate putting regular sunscreen on my face because it’s usually too oily and greasy.  Not this one, PLUS it’s SPF 110.  Even if you tan, you should still wear sunscreen.  Skin Cancer is no joke and not just fair skinned people get it!
  4. Proper Hydration – Nothing worse than drinking warm bottled water and it’s also not good for you.  Cold Water absorbs and hydrates your body FAR faster than warm or room temperature water.  Plus how long does a bottle of water usually last someone?  I picked this bad mamajama up and was quite impressed.  I put ice, water, and Gatorade into and a day later there was still ice in it!  I dropped this a few times and NO dents!  Its an extremely durable product and it holds hot liquids as well.
  5. Something to hold all of your “stuff”.  Flipbelt is AWESOME!  Holds my phone, my ID, my keys, chapstick, etc.  I hate those arm bands for your phones.  They always leave marks on my arm and they are kind of a pain if you have to take it off to access your phone.  This product holds everything, so I can focus on the task at hand and free’s my hands up so I can use them to exercise.
  6. Something to help you keep track of what you’re doing.  Fitbit Surge was my biggest investment yet.  Since I was training for a 39 mile walk, I needed GPS to help me calculate the distance.  I was using some popular app’s on my phone but I kept getting jipped on my mileage count and it was REALLY frustrating.  I invested in a $20 item that would supposedly track my sleep and steps and it wasn’t worth $2 let alone $20.  It never worked.  It wasn’t that specific item either because I bought 2 of them, 1 for me and 1 for my fiance. They both sucked.  So after all that time and frustration, I took the plunge and invested in a sports watch.  This watch in particular has the GPS built right in where the other fitbit’s do not.  The Blaze is another great product and costs a lot less than the Surge.  It’s actually what I bought first and then upgraded to the Surge.  The Blaze does not have the GPS built right in, but it does use the GPS feature from the app and I will say it does not juice your phone battery.  Another thing I love,  is I can see notifications from phone displayed on my watch AND I can control my music from there as well (both the blaze and surge have this feature) which is AWESOME!
  7. Finally, something to help you jam out and doesn’t get in the way!  I would buy these cheap headphones – seriously, like the $10 ones that had to hook in with a jack.  I found that damn wire really makes things difficult.  Also, my ears are small and most standard ear buds are too big and fall out.  I invested in a cheapo, supposedly waterproof, pair and they broke after a week.  UGH!  And then I fell in LOVE!  I got the Powerbeats 3 Wireless Headphones and I LOVE them!  They don’t get in the way, they have GREAT sound, they have a long lasting battery, and fit in my ears and STAY IN!  These are really an amazing product!

Of course, I must finish with a disclaimer by saying, in no way am I telling you all of these items will work for you.  I am just mentioning on here what worked for me and why.  There is no requirement to buy anything as I am just sharing some of my successes in hopes of inspiring you! If you have questions, feel free to let me know!  Happy hunting!


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