5 Reasons I Didn’t Want My Engagement Ring to be a Diamond

I’m sure we’ve all heard that saying “A Diamond is a Girl’s Best Friend”.  Well I’m here to tell you that saying is so not true for this girl right here.  I got engaged to my love on January 14th of this year and that beauty in the cover photo is all mine!  Guess what, it’s not a diamond.  My ring is 3.5ct Amethyst with cubic zirconia  accents in a platinum setting.  The design is completely original as it all mine! 

Beautiful 3.5ct Amethyst Engagement Ring | www.roadstojoye.com
Beautiful 3.5ct Amethyst Engagement Ring | Roads to Joye
When the marriage talks started happening, I started giving some thought to the kind of ring I wanted.  I knew I wanted it to be big, sparkly, and unique.  If there’s anything I HAVE to be, it’s unique and I blame a good portion of that on my mom because she had to make sure I’d be unique and added an “E” to end of my name.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So now on to ‘The Ring”.  I absolutely LOVE my ring not only because it’s mine, but because it’s one of a kind.  It’s absolutely perfect in every way.  It’s purple and that’s my favorite color!  It’s HUGE and the perfect amount of Bling Bling that sparkles so amazingly in the light! But most importantly, it’s not a Diamond.  I didn’t want a diamond, which I know sounds so weird, because every girl dreams of getting that big fat diamond ring when she’s engaged.  And while Diamonds are absolutely beautiful stones, I couldn’t bring myself to want one for lots of reasons.

Gorgeous Amethyst Engagement Ring | www.roadstojoye.com

  1. The symbol of love, marriage, commitment, and happily ever after is anything but.  The largely sought after diamond has a dark side.  Over the last 50 years, the Diamond Trade has been responsible for major civil wars in Africa that resulted in bloodshed, massive amounts of lives lost, rape of girls and women, displacement of families, and child soldiers.  Something sold to be so happy has destroyed millions of lives. I can’t in good conscious contribute to that.
  2. They are ridiculously expensive for absolutely no reason at all.  A company called De Beers controls everything about the diamond.  The Diamond Trade, the price, how they are valued, the cut, and how many get released into the market each year. The reason diamonds are stupid expensive is because of this company, not because it is a rare stone.  Diamonds one of the most abundant stones on earth.  SAY WHAT?  YES! 
  3. An engagement ring is symbol of LOVE not status.  I want to be different and unique and I do not want to spend a fortune doing it.  In a time when everything is about status, I choose to be different.  I wanted something nice and inexpensive that’s exactly what I got.  I get so many complements on it because it is unique.  I couldn’t imagine my fiance taking a loan to get me ring.  It shouldn’t be that way because a big huge rock doesn’t prove or show how much you love me.  Actions, love, and commitment show this.  
  4. The diamonds I do have are VERY special to me. Nothing will be able to take the place of that.  They were given to me by my mother and before they were her’s, they belonged to my Great-Grandmother and Great-Aunt.  They were acquired before the bloodshed started and they are very rare, one simply for the way it is cut.  It is something that is so special to me and I wanted my engagement ring to be just as special.  
  5. Purple is my favorite color.  Diamonds don’t come in purple. How awesome is it that I can get a shiny big beautiful gem stone in my favorite color!  *sigh* I LOVE IT!  I want more purple!  LOL.

3.5ct Amethyst Engagement Ring | www.roadstojoye.com
3.5ct Amethyst Engagement Ring | Roads to Joye
So there there you have it.  To all those men out there fretting over the cost of an engagement ring, now you know it’s possible to get your bride to be a beautiful ring without spending a fortune.  Ladies, I urge each and everyone of you to not only be different but to also not contribute to the bloodshed and control this stone has on society.

Stay blessed everyone!






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